Collector’s Choice:Reinhard Stammer

“The bold works of Reinhard Stammer seem to form a direct stream from his subconscious mind  to the canvas surface, assaulting the viewer with the vinegar of turbulent agony and sweet recollections all at once. Many  lifetimes of experience and exploration seem poured out into color, line and shape.   Declarations made through textures and emerging shapes require from the viewer the willingness to quietly and slowly  decode a multitude of symbols through contemplation, free association and complete immersion in the painterly surface.”


Written by Janis Kirstein

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Art Historian Dr. Vöhringer has said: “Reinhard Stammer is, in the best sense of the word, an autodidact.”   The term goes back to the philosophers, aphorisms, writers and poets of Lichtenberg. And it’s good that there are the self-taught in art, he continues and he calls as an example the painting customs officer Henri Rousseau.





The well known art critic Uwe Lempelius has said in reference to the work of Mr Stammer, “The fact that art is studied, is no guarantee of the quality of the painted works of art. Only the way that you paint the art is the final guarantee. And this, he says distinguishes the difference between being an artist and being another kind of professional. There are no autodidactic doctors or lawyers, he adds. “But I know several artists without education who are members of the Federation of Artists. Just think of the naive customs officer Henri Rousseau whose naive art Picasso once discovered.”




“Yes, now I have included Stammer with these big artists,” Lempelius says. “ Mr.Stammer has given rise to a whole series of paintings, where if the viewer discovered these works in a museum as an exhibit, he could not determine if the artist was an amateur.”


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Reinhard Stammer was born on 25/07/1952 in Glücksburg on the Baltic Sea.

He says of painting : “The joy of painting, has been with me since I was in the cradle.”

He finds it interesting that symbols found in his pictures from his early youth have re-emerged in his later works as well.




He says that he studied life with all its ups and downs, with its light – and dark sides. “ I lived my life passionately and sometimes excessively. There was no apparent plan. At age 32, I founded the PARC-Verlag, .”



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Stammer’s study of Buddhism and Advaita, along with his many visits to Ramesh Balsekar in Bombay have been the source of many answers to questions he has asked since early childhood. He believes that the non duality or as Ramesh Balsekar says: “consciousness is all there is” seems somehow to be expressed in his paintings.






As Stammer continued to paint through the years, he increasingly lost interest in merely reproducing the visible world. A painted flower is not an actual flower, nor a painted man an actual human, he says. “It is color on a substrate. Nothing more and the colors and shapes call forth the viewer’s own memories.”


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Looking back over his many years painting, Stammer evaluates his paintings by saying, “In 30 years, not very many paintings emerged, but some were particularly beautiful and interesting pictures.” During this time, he also wrote poems and also a chronicle, which originated in this period.



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He also attributes his ability to compensate severe calamities that struck him at the age of 52 years with his act of painting. He says of painting, “She saved my life, so I am grateful for this gift that enabled me some to give something through my pictures.”

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I would like to give special thanks to Reinhard Stammer for allowing me to feature his art work on KIRSTEINFINEART.

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Collector’s Choice: 100 Posts!

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Collector’s Choice: Robert Papp

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The still life paintings of Robert Papp capture the dream of life lived to the fullest, through a realistic painting style that exudes life, color, texture and vivacity.



These delectable paintings of fresh foods are thoughtfully and dynamically composed, with utmost attention given to the arrangement of natural objects. The wooden cutting boards, the towels and plates placed under the various fresh vegetables all add a tangible set for the placement of all the vegetables and fruits that almost literally sing in the Baroque lighting.



The peace and quiet of the soft light falling over his subject gives each painting a lush and alive presence very similar to  the paintings of Vermeer.   Robert didn’t list his favorite artist as Vermeer, but Vermeer might list Robert Papp as his favorite artist, if he was still living, that is.



And the foods themselves rush forward to your eyes with their detailed capture of cruciferous stalks and leaves, bulbs and citrus delights. The use of bold, yet natural color captures the freshness of the living objects and sends an immediate tactile response to the viewer’s nervous system.  In Robert’s paintings, color, light and texture resonates directly with the joy and pleasure centers in the brain.


Written by Janis Kirstein




About Robert Papp

“If you’ve found me here, you must have seen my art somewhere. Maybe on a book cover? Maybe in a children’s book? Or most likely, on the cover of Cooks Illustrated Magazine.

Over the years I have painted just about everything, but these days I am happy pushing paint around and creating art that makes people smile.”  Robert Papp


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“I thank all of you who take the time to contact me and tell me that something I have painted made you happy. It makes ME happy and makes long hours so worth it.

I live in bucolic Bucks County, PA, with my author / artist wife, Lisa, and 3 cats who think I only exist to feed them.”  Robert Papp

You can also see my work and purchase reproductions here……..





Factoids about Robert from Robert:


• Most of my clothes are covered in oil paint. I am incredibly messy.

• Painting with your fingers is perfectly acceptable.

• My artwork has hung in the U.S. Capitol building and has been in Time magazine.

• My wife likes broccoli on her pizza.

• Favorite artist: N.C. Wyeth.





• I don’t swim but I love the ocean.

• My hobbies are building furniture, and spending time with my family.

• Actually, I should have said that my favorite artist is my wife. And yes, she is my favorite author as well.

• I love hearing from people and always try to answer in a timely manner.

• I believe everyone should be doing the work that they love, since I am able to. Dream.”

By Robert Papp

Robert and a couple of his paintings. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

Story Illustrations by Robert Papp

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These are some  illustrations  by Robert Papp. To see more of his illustrations visit his website.







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