Collector’s Choice: Marlene Burns

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Marlene offers an exciting, expressive, experimental and exceptional body of work. She doesn’t like to categorize herself, but like those of the abstract expressionist movement, she plays with color, edgy design and mixed media to produce art that befits the process. Her newest series of hybrid images, abstract photography and paintings combined, is the most exciting series of her career.

She lives and works in Tucson, Arizona where she specializes in clients and interior designers who need custom artwork for luxury homes. Her work has been exhibited from California to New York, most notably in Santa Fe.

Marlene Burns is a double degreed professional artist, with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Architecture and Art.



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Marlene Burns’ Work

Marlene’s work carries the abstract toughness of the urban streets, and demonstrates the artist’s eye for dynamic composition and movement. Bold shapes intersect each image, leading the eye in many directions. Straight edge cuts across the image next to circular patterned areas, presenting a kind of visual dialogue, a partnership of contrast.

Written by Janis Kirstein

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