Collector’s Choice: Diana Mulder


“I have a steady request for dog portraits and now am expanding my subject list and media to include acrylic and plaster.” Diana Mulder


About Diana Mulder


Diana, born and raised in a New Jersey suburb in the shadow of New York City, is a modern day renaissance woman.  She studied Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art at Parsons School of Design in NYC.  She started her artistic career with a Southern California commercial design company, eventually forming her own architectural design firm where she worked for many years.  In addition, she continued to pursue her passion in the fine arts.


Depending on the day, you might find her preparing architectural designs for a client, working on a textural painting, or toiling on a new project in her art studio where she spends most of her time these days.  Her passion for the fine arts finds it way into everything she does and her attention to detail is obvious in her professional as well as personal projects.


Diana enjoys using many different materials in her work such as reclaimed wood, industrial and textural pieces, old books and zinc metal.  She is passionate in her goal of creating that which will inspire her clients, students, and friends alike.  This passion has been a life-long pursuit and her greatest joy is sharing it with others whether professionally or just for fun.


Throughout her career, she continued to paint with watercolor and would get requests for dog portraits on a regular basis.    She also exhibited at the Watercolor Society of San Diego gallery and the Good Earth Coffee Shop.  She is  also a member of the National Watercolor Society.


After many years painting with watercolor, she decided to let herself explore as an artist, and found a love for other mediums like acrylic and oil along with plaster, papers and texture.



Diana creates dog portraits with remarkable empathy for her subjects. She manages not only to convey the dog, but the spirit and personality of each dog.


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Abstract Landscapes


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Diana painting a seascape.


In this closeup of the landscape painting, you can see the wonderful textures found in her work through the use of paint and plaster.

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Diana’s paintings of birds and bird eggs.

Abstract and graphic, you can see the variety of textures from the use of multi media.

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Collector’s Choice: Laura Lein-Svencner




About Laura Lein-Svencner
Laura Lein-Svencner was raised in Downers Grove IL not far from her grandfather’s farm and resides now Darien Illinois for the past 30 years. She’s continued with her personal studies in drawing, printmaking, sculpture, papermaking and collage.

Seeking inspiration from one artist to another, Laura has pursued her love of paper; this steady pace of exploration has led her to become a member of many local and international collage groups.

She also co-founded the Midwest Collage Society which exhibits throughout the Midwest region.

Her works have won many awards and most recently the 27th Annual Juried Exhibit with the National Collage Society. Her work has been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine 2009, Creating Collage in all Dimensions 2010, Flavors for Mixed Media 2011 and Painting in Mixed Media. Laura’s work is on exhibit at J2 Gallery in Chicago IL and The Flying Pig in Algoma WI.
For the past 14 years Laura has taught her technique of collage at LaGrange Art League, and Naperville Art League.

During the summer months you will find her creating in her studio, gardening and walking in the woods with her dogs but when she’s not doing that you will see her exhibiting at local art fairs and teaching collage workshops throughout the Midwest.








Laura creates delightful collages, expressive of her feelings and states of mind. She places symbolic references in her work often pointing to thoughts and feelings about natural occurrences around her. She shows particular mindfulness and a reverence to the earth and its creatures, giving homage to the gifts of plants, water and animals. Her strong affinity to paper gives a flexible surface for her to construct her transmutable surfaces into visual poems of all of the living things around her.

Janis Kirstein



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After yesterday’s blog on reorienting your perspective on ordinary objects, I received a number of quite interesting responses from other artists who exhibit some of the same shift in consciousness that I explored in yesterday’s blog. But unfortunately they could not express “like” of my page because WordPress said they’d had to be members to do this..

So I will just write a blog on these two artists and their fine examples.

Here is a brief synopsis of my yesterday’s post:

“Have you ever tried to imagine that the sky was the ground and the ground was the sky? If you look at the sky in this way, you can begin to see the cloud formations as land masses, and the blue sky as the sea.”

Moving along with this idea, let’s look at two pieces that really exemplify this.


The photograph “Sunset” is by the artist Wendolyn Hill, who is a Medical Illustrator connected with Yale University. Her website  is

The beautiful photograph you see here by Wendolyn is of the waterway near her home in Lyme, Ct. The reflections you see here can really “turn you on your head” as you play with the idea of seeing the sky in the water and the water in the sky.

In the end after looking at this photograph from all perspectives, you can lose the difference in identity between air and water, between up and down, top and bottom, causing you for a moment to release some of your long held boundaries associated with your conventional perceptions.

The other art I would like to introduce here is “Nine Leaves In the Wind” a giclee print by Denise Weaver Ross. The link to this image on her website is


Again, the reflection of sky in water creates a universe where top and bottom merge and become reversible. To me, the tendency is to fall into a sense of letting go of the conventional up and down orientation, and to merge into a kind of dream state, where rules of relationship are shifted.

So often in our dreams these kinds of perspectives are reorientated, where space and time become a continuum in perception.

More on the importance of Dreams to come…. Until then, please enjoy the works of my two artist friends, who incidentally completed the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with me in the early 1980’s.