Sunrise over freshly fallen snow awakens us from our bedroom window this morning.  What  a glorious merging of multiple shades and tints of pinks, oranges, and violets.

If you ever mistakenly think that white is just white, look again. If you look across your yard of freshly fallen snow, you will notice the shadows of the trees are a rich range of blues and purples.

Never is there a more peaceful moment than this special moment of waking, reminding us of all there is to be grateful for…

*the chance to experience such a peaceful moment.

*the chance to capture this peaceful moment in a work of art

Notice how the feeling of peace envelops you as you look through the window in this work of art. What if you could feel this way all of the time? What if you could feel this kind of peace every time you looked at a work of art?

It’s something to think about, isn’t it?
Digital art above is by Janis Kirstein